Growing up in Mayberry


My date for the class reunion, an old family friend (whom our mothers secretly hoped would someday tie the knot – we did, but not together),  sent me some ancient home movies he had converted to DVD.

Today, I cleared all distractions, and sat and watched them.  The best part was a parade that cruised down Commerce Street in West Point – I’m guessing about 1955.

claraIt struck me that Mayberry might have been modeled  after my town.  I even spotted  Clara in her hat and Aunt Bee coaxing Opie along the sidewalk.

I didn’t remember that we had a Belk-Hudson’s. The  video endeared Belk’s to me forever even though I’ve criticized them for having trick mirrors that make you look 20 pounds thinner therefore boosting sales out the roof!.

And Hill’s Department store is still there, as it was in the 50s.

And there we were, seven-year olds in the Glee Club singing on the courthouse steps in our starched white shirts.  Do they still sell starch? Or do people sing in glee clubs?

I became homesick – literally.  I want the world to go back to that time when everybody called you Shugah, and would call your Mama if you misbehaved.

Miss Naomi and Miss Vivian have gone on to their rewards in heaven now, but one of their biggest rewards will be seeing Conley and me, dancing to Unchained Melody at the class reunion.

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  1. Hey, Emily, I worked at Belk Hudson for Gene McMullen from my Freshman Christmas through my Senior year. It’s a good West Point memory!! I too would love to see the DVD. You could probably sell them.

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