Grumpy aims to please

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In search of the perfect burger and Southern fried catfish, members of the First Friday Lunch Bunch broke new ground today when we ventured into Grumpy’s.  A new eatery in town, the establishment features a huge outdoor movie screen, reminiscent of the old drive-in movies.

The owner of Grumpy’s is not at all grumpy.  In fact he was so anxious to please that he delivered an entire caramel banana pie to our table before we’d even placed our orders – complimentary no less. I’ve always wanted to have dessert first and we had the opportunity today.  Unfortunately I gave up sugar for Lent and couldn’t have even a lick.

Julia, pictured below with her burger, looks a tad grumpy herself, but she awarded the burger a 4 out of 5 stars. Her grumpiness is a result of her never-ending duties in connection with the “Everything Garden Expo” for which she developed all the promotional pieces.

Those of us who ordered catfish were more than pleased.  Pam said the turnip greens and ribs were outstanding.  Grumpy’s is a keeper in our book.

expo setup and first friday galsr 004

2 thoughts on “Grumpy aims to please

  1. Grumpy’s is located on old Highway 82 across from what used to be the Derby Restaurant. It looks like a tiny little hole in the wall but it has a big patio in the pack and a large screen for watching sporting events. We all agreed it was a “keeper.”

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