Haley, have you lost your mind?


Up front, let me say that I love (loved?) Haley Barbour.  I worked on his very first campaign when he ran for president of the Ole Miss student body in 1968.  We were barely 20 years old, and I stood in the rain in front of the grill carrying his sign. He won and we knew he was destined for greatness.

I even worked for him when he ran against Senator Stennis which no one ever thought he would win.  He was just building a name outside of a college campus. In 1982 I went back to work for him as communications director of the Mississippi Republican Party.

I watched him build a new Republican Party  when he became national  chairman.   He was The Man. I even framed a letter he wrote me when I worked for the party.

Needless to say, I was delighted when he won the race for  Governor  of the State of Mississippi. He made us proud many times – first the way he handled the Katrina debacle and many times later as he took a hard line against crime.

Now, the news that he has released some 200 prisoners including murderers has got me fighting mad. How can someone just wipe out all the good they’ve done in one fell swoop.

I have no idea what a “fell swoop” is but it seems to fit in this situation. I kept watching for an explanation.  Yesterday, he said the stats indicate a murderer is less likely to repeat the crime than someone incarcerated for a lesser offense.

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Say what?  Haley, what are you smoking? Someone needs to get him medical attention because he’s clearly off his rocker.

Haley, tell that to the families of victims of all the crimes these released offenders perpetrated. Tell that to someone who had their sister murdered while she held her baby in her arms.  Tell that to Judge Kitchen who worked months to convict a guy who promised to come back and “get even.”

Tell that to someone who had their family heirloom jewelry stolen by a thief who fenced it and never got it back.

Someone in my family who always opposes any stance I take, defended him saying most of them would have gotten out of jail within days or months.  Well, so what? Now that they are pardoned, they can go out and run for office and be afforded all the rights the rest of us law abiding citizens have earned?

Haley, we need a better explanation than you have given the media.

Hogwash to you Haley (pun intended). Have a good time in Washington.  No one wants you back in Mississippi.

5 thoughts on “Haley, have you lost your mind?

  1. For the life of me Martha, I can’t figure it out. At his press conference on Friday he looked like he had just come from the tanning bed. Oh brother.

  2. 1. Politicians’ speech is so mundane or uncredible that it is hardly worth listening to. As Bill Clinton said, “Political promises aren’t really promises.”

    2. I tried to send you a picture but your mailbox is full.

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