Half marathon dream must wait….


Braddock Jones here.  I’m writing for Mom who had an unfortunate accident yesterday.  She fell while trying to reroof her garden shed and is in room 120 at Oktibbeha County Hospital.  She suffered a broken leg and will undergo surgery this morning.

Her biggest regret is that she will be unable to participate in the half marathon this month – a goal she has been working toward for almost four months.  Emily Jones here. April Fools!  But it could have happened.  I didn’t properly secure the extension ladder and it decided to retract while I was on the top.  Half marathon still on – in fact we bought our matching outfits this week.

So now I’m off to rent a van, get some balloons, some friends and a sign that reads “Publishers Clearing House.”  We’ll just drive around town like we’re looking for an address….

7 thoughts on “Half marathon dream must wait….

  1. Got me. I was feeling so sorry for you. I should have known. I heard on the radio this morning a good way to get someone is to put a box of clear gelatin in the toilet and it will harden. Whoever goes in there and uses it is in for a big surprise. On my way to work I bought a box and I’m going to get my grandson. He’s always pulling tricks on me. Have fun today.

  2. Oh dear, I didn’t see the “punch line” on the second part of the post til I’d already sent you a flower arrangement. Hope whoever got it enjoys it!
    I’m really glad to know you didn’t fall, after all.
    Cuz 4/1

  3. Em,

    One prank that might be a bit easier to pull off is to wait until the person you are going to pull this on is fast asleep.

    Place a piece of clear plastic wrap (like Glad) over the toilet bowl, smoothly so that it will be harder to see, and then lower the seat down over the bowl, and go back to bed. It should be on there good enough as to stay in place with a little…er ah…weight on top.

    Hopefully, the person you are pulling this on will still be half asleep when they next visit the commode.

    Think you get the picture. Have some things assembled within easy reach for a quick clean-up if you value the friendship! Ha!


  4. It worked! He came running out of the bathroom and told his mother he was really sick. I couldn’t stop laughing he hasn’t figured out it was me yet. It didn’t hurt the toilet at all. All went down well but no one has figured out what caused everything to stay on the surface and I’m sure not telling.

  5. I finished reading before I reached for the phone, but I was already planning the call for flowers. Very funny….

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