Halloween memories make me blush


Once upon a time, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. As kids, growing up in Small Town America, we gleefully anticipated that one day of the year when we could beg and receive candy without guilt.


We knew who handed out the homemade caramel apples – it was Mrs. Vance three doors down.  Beyond that we got popcorn balls at Mrs. Carty’s and homemade fudge at Mrs. McHaney’s.

Sadly, those days are gone.  You would be busted by the germ police if you handed out anything not shrink wrapped or containing the label of a national candy chain.

But I will always hold dear the Halloween I went dressed as the bride of Frankenstein.  It was eight years ago.  Yes, I was approaching senior citizendom and I went trick or treating for the last time with my friend Nancy Kennedy.  She went as Frankenstein and I pulled my wedding dress out of the mothballs and went as her bride.

Heck.  My Daddy spent $200 on that frock and I was determined to get his money’s worth.

Of course, the dress didn’t fit so perfectly as it did 40 years ago. It originally featured a buttoned up back whose seems just wouldn’t meet  in 2002.  We weaved it together with shoe laces and headed out down the street.  Our friend, Barbara, went as our flower girl.

I can’t remember how much candy we got but we sure stopped traffic.  We had such a good time, that I’m thinking of doing it again.  My wedding dress is still under my bed in a box that Lowensteins packed so that it would exist in posterity.  Of course, the seal has been broken and Judy Mosely burned a hole in my veil with a cigarette.

I’m about to go put it on.  I’ll run over to Brenda’s and Yvonne’s and get some candy. I’m having a big sweet tooth attack.

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