Happy Birthday Diva


Pretty obnoxious huh?  Wishing the deluded diva happy birthday…

We just realized that the Deluded Diva celebrates its second birthday today.  The first post was created on January 21, 2008. 

Since then we have had 112,000 hits averaging about 300 per day.  The all time highest day was 626 in March of last year.  We must go back and see what was so interesting about that day.

Initially, we hoped to post at least once a week, but it’s become a daily ritual.

  First thing every morning we blog about whatever seems interesting. A bit boring I admit, but thankfully, someone out there is reading.  My only regret is that it doesn’t seem to illicit more responses. 

Perhaps I can beef it up a bit more.  Perhaps not.  Thanks for forgiving all the typos and misleading information.  Just living up for our name!

You’ll never know how exciting it is to hear the little beep that lets me know someone is tuning in.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Maybe we’ll go for another year…

20 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Diva

  1. Emily,
    I look forward to reading your articles everyday! You are a source of inspiration, news, and encouragement and I appreciate you. Thank you for what you do.

  2. Me, too, Emily! I’m not as eloquent as my friend Suzanne, but I ,too, read you every day and I like it! Hope you’re not coming to watch the Saints this weekend- we MUST win!

  3. Emily,
    I,too, look forward to your daily writings. They keep me up on some of the happenings back in the West Point and Starkville area. I will try to do better at responding.

  4. thank you! i look forward to seeing what’s on your mind each day. you make us laugh, keep us current on what is going on and most defintely inspire. many more years…

  5. Dear Diva,
    Happy Birthday. Never thought I’d get hooked, but I did. You are one of the things I look forward to reading daily. Please keep up the good work!

  6. Emily—it is 4:00 a.m., and I am checking in with the Diva as usual. Please don’t think of giving this up—-we all enjoy it too much!

    Shirley Dawkins

  7. Not to worry Ann. I WILL NOT be coming to New Orleans, but Braddock is. I do hope it was me, not him that caused the poor showing against Dallas. I’m not even sure I can watch. I want this win in the worst way. Don’t even care if we win the Super Bowl – just want to GET there.

  8. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. Now I know how to get some responses!! I don’t feel so all alone out here in cyperspace this morning, now that I know you guys are here!
    Thank you.

  9. Happy Birthday DD…I truly enjoy your articles. You keep us laughing with your extraordinary sense of humor!! Love you girl…keep it up!!!!

  10. and you make me smile – every day. I love how you see the humor in life and help open our eyes to it.

  11. Happy Birthday a day late. I too enjoy your take on life around the Point!! Keep up the good work. I really need a laugh these days as I have gone back to teaching (for one semester only, to help out a friend) after being retired for 7 1/2 years.

  12. Hey Becky – that’s what I need – a VERY temporary job to drag me back out into society. I spend way too much time in front of the television watching reruns of Monk and reading gory murder mysteries. I fear I may become a serial killer.

  13. Hey David, ya’ll are putting pressure on me too beef up the Diva. That’s probably what I need – after running on adrenaline for forty years, caffeine isn’t doing it for me any longer!

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