Happy Birthday Olivia!

65 strays

Our high school friend, Olivia Catledge Portera (second from right), celebrates her birthday in Tuscaloosa today.  I won’t say how many but it looks like the new forty to me.

This same group of WPHS girls has been celebrating their birthdays together since we were four.

Olivia has a nice practice of putting all her greeting cards in a big bowl and drawing one out each day.  Whom ever the sender was, she says a special prayer for them on that day.  Olivia, I didn’t get my card off to you this year because I don’t have your new address.  Will this suffice?  Maybe you can drop a piece of paper in the bowl with my name on it– I need all the prayers I can get.

Hope your day is a special one.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Olivia!

  1. Thank you, Emily!
    And I celebrated my birthday in Mississippi! Meridian!
    It was a wonderful day!
    And you can rest easy, your “card” is “in the box”!
    Love you….

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