Happy Fall, Y’all


I collect photos of pumpkins to get ideas for my own front porch in the fall.  The one above is my all-time favorite.  Doesn’t it just BEG you to come in and “set a spell” to catch up over a cup of hot spiced tea?

So far I have five pumpkins, two bales of pine straw and one pot of mums.  Everytime I go to the grocery store I pick up another pumpkin.  By Friday, my “tableau vivant” should be complete.  I’m heading out to the North farm at MSU to see if I can pilfer a couple of sheaves of corn stalks.


Today, I’m attempting to construct a scarecrow to plant in my front perennial bed.  I know, I know.  I should get a life, but hey, I’m doing what I do best: piddle and putter.

The decoration at left is super easy to build and is guaranteed to make passers-by smile.

All it takes is a big flower pot and a plump pumpkin.  I bought the hat at the Dollar Tree. Isn’t it funny how the colors orange and black are the perfect color combo once the leaves begin to fall.

Another little trick I’ve learned over the years is to spray paint your pumpkins gold and tie a red ribbon on top for Christmas.  Then leave them in the flower bed and by spring you will have pumpkin vines, which if watered carefully, will produce you another crop of pumpkins next fall!  How’s that for recycling.

Happy Fall Ya’ll.

2 thoughts on “Happy Fall, Y’all

  1. Today I have been missing my summer friends, Rob and Donna from Fawnskin, CA. As you know, Tom and I spent the summer at Big Bear Lake/Fawnskin Village and we made wonderful and great friends. I spent the better part of 3 months at the cottage and everyday, I saw or talked with our neighbors. They have become fast and true friends. As the winds of autumn blow, I daily think of my life “on golden pond”. The colors of autumn might bring thoughs of “front porch” visits, but they also bring to mind those summer friends that one makes when one is retired and has a summer in the mountains. Thinking about the last evening in Fawnskin, after we had had dinner at Rob and Donna’s home, sitting on our deck, watching the setting sun cast a golden shadow on the lake, makes me realize that the hope of tomorrow is always present….especially in the fall after a summer of great friendship.

    The colors and winds of Autumn remind me of summers filled with friendship plus pushes the shadows of my mind toward springs and renewal of those summer friendships.

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