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Isn’t it funny how things from your past bubble up and almost boil over at the strangest times.

Jack and I spent this week in Memphis and I had an opportunity to drive by the old home where I grew up: 316 N. McNeill.  I’ll never forget that address.  It is right off Poplar, and in about 1951 Daddy took me to a parade on Poplar which featured Roy Rogers and Trigger. 


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Oh my gosh.  It was love at first sight. Can you believe that within two hours of my pilgrimage, we caught an old Roy Rogers movie on TV. This morning, I opened my e-mail to find this from my friend Martha McHaney, with whom I shared my crush on Roy – or was it Trigger.  I can’t remember.


The Roy Rogers Museum in Branson , MO has closed its doors forever.
The contents of the museum were sold at a public auction.Roy Rogers told his son, if the museum ever operates at a loss, close it and sell the contents. He complied.


Here is a partial listing of some of the items that were sold at auction…
Roy ‘s 1964 Bonneville (pictured above) sold for $254,500. His script book from the January 14,1953 episode of This Is Your Life sold for $10,000.

A collection of signed baseballs (Pete Rose, Duke Snyder and other greats) sold for $3,750. A collection of signed bats (Yogi Berra,Enos Slaughter, Bob Feller, and others) sold for $2,750.

Trigger’s saddle and bridle sold for $386,500, and one of many of Roy’s shirts sold for $16,250 and one of his many cowboy hats sold for $17,500.

One set of boot spurs sold for $10,625 (He never used a set of spurs on Trigger). A life size shooting gallery sold for $27,500.


Possessions of Dale, Gabby, and Pat sold for $3,750. His set of dinner ware plates and silverware sold for $11,875. The Bible they used at the Dinner table every night sold for $8,750.

One of several of his guitars sold for $27,500. Nellybelle sold for $116,500. (I don’t remember Nellybelle – can someone remind me?)

A fabulous painting of Roy, Dale, Pat, Buttermilk, Trigger, and Bullet sold for $10,625. One of several sets of movie posters sold for $18,750. A black and white photograph of Gene Autry with a touching inscription from Gene to Roy sold for $17,500.

Trigger was bred on a farm co-owned by Bing Crosby. Roy bought Trigger on a time payment plan for $2,500. Roy and Trigger made 188 movies together. Trigger even out did Bob Hope by winning an Oscar in the movie Son of Paleface in 1953.

These were the great heroes of our childhood, and they taught us right from wrong, and how to have and show respect for each otherand the animals that share this earth.

We boomers were born at the right time. We were able to grow up with these great people even if we never met them. In their own waythey taught us patriotism and honor, we learned that lying and cheating were bad,

So it’s good-bye to Roy and Dale, Gene and Hoppy, The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Farewell to Sky King and Superman and Sgt. Friday. Thanks to Capt.. Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers and Capt. Noah and all those peoplewhose lives touched ours, and made them better.

It was a great ride through childhood.

Thank you Martha.  I’m boo hooing all over my computer about now.

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