Harvest time in Mississippi

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To those of you who are out picking buckets of tomatoes and peppers, this will seem like an insignificant feat, but I feel like Aunt Bee ready to enter the county fair.

Today I picked my first Brandy Wine heirloom tomato along with a prize black bell pepper and a decent plain ole bell pepper. I’m not sure what to do with them. I mean, I can’t just eat them, can I? Isn’t there somewhere I can show them off?

If I eat them, they will be gone and no one will ever know that I brought these babies up from seeds, nourished them, watered them religiously, and now they are ripe for harvest. I could hear them screaming as I picked them. In fact, the Brandy wine didn’t want to let go of the mother vine and held on for dear life. Certainly I can’t add insult to injury by EATING her!

But here they sit in my window, experiencing the “fullness of life” as my priest likes to say. But I can’t bring myself to eat them. At least I can post a photo as proof that bumbling idiot that I am most of the time, I can do something right once in a blue moon.

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