Harvest tree is up – let the season begin

punkin tree 008

Each year around the first of September, I put up a harvest tree which remains up in my kitchen window until Thanksgiving night when all the guests are gone. Then, I undress it and redress it for Christmas. I’m late this year.

I borrowed this idea from my friend Margaret Ann who has a beautiful grapevine tree which frankly looks better than mine because it is completely natural. She dresses it for Valentines, Epunkin tree 004aster, birthdays, Fourth of July…and of course, Christmas.

Mine is just one of those artificial hardware store pencil-post trees they put on sale for about $7.99 after the Holidays.

But it casts a beautiful glow in the kitchen after dark when I turn out all the lights. The rusty harvests colors warm up the room and invoke thoughts of the first pot of chili – which I begin the moment the weather man predicts evening temperatures below 50 degrees.

It could be soon. My crock pot is waiting. I’m going out to rake some leaves to get in the mood….

3 thoughts on “Harvest tree is up – let the season begin

  1. Love your tree!
    Wouldn’t my grandboys love that idea…..now to find the right tree…

  2. I must find out who makes those grape vine trees – they are so beautiful and you can stuff things into the tightly wound branches. Gerri Orgler gave that one to Margaret Ann. She also had some made for our church (St. Joseph) I’ll find out. I want one too.

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