Has another year come and gone?

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My childhood friends came together again today to celebrate the holiday season.  We do it every year. Our Mamas came with us this year.

Suddenly, it was 1965 again – no,  wait – it was way before that – we were first graders just beginning to become “socialized”.  We didn’t know that we would be friends forever or we would have taken better care of ourselves.

Some psychiatric expert probably would say we are not stable. Of course we aren’t, because we g0t off on sugar.

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We tried something different this year.  We’ve reached that age where we don’t have space for anymore “stuff”, so we did a cookie swap in place of trading 10 gifts and 10 cards.  Hallmark will go broke.

Everyone made three dozen cookies and we sampled – oh, did we sample – then split the remaining cookies to take home.

Our mama’s are still with us – Miss Higgins (representing our friend Carole who couldn’t get here from Texas), and Miss Wilma Hooker, the most beautiful Hooker I know. They are doing an admirable job of trying to take the place of the mothers we lost.

To the rest of our gang who couldn’t be home this Christmas – we missed you and of course, we talked about you. All good, of course.

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One thought on “Has another year come and gone?

  1. Another great time together.We never run out of things to talk about.We are so fortunate to have Wilma & Kathy, hope we can still get around when & if we reach their age.
    Love you all! Thanks for having all of us!

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