Haunting garden minstrels inspire me

Animal House 045

“I was standing by the window on one cold and cloudy day, and I saw the hearse come rolling for to carry my mother away.”

That was so many years ago – almost 34 to the day that my mother died – but the words came back to me and brought tears to my eyes as  I sang along with the artists in the  Lyons’ garden today.

”Can the circle be unbroken Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye. There’s a better home a-waiting In the sky, Lord, in the sky.”  What a trip to spend some time in the best gardens in the area and hear the best musicians.

Suddenly, I remembered that California preacher who said the Rapture would occur on Saturday. Heck, I was in heaven already – visiting with my gardening friends.  Could it get better than that?  I don’t know how.

Animal House 043

Animal House 042 My friends, The Lyons, have the most beautiful garden imaginable.  They have constructed paths through a very small area leading to the garden shed.

What I really loved is the lattice they have surrounded their little seating area.  They studded it with stained glass in some of the squares.  What a great idea.

Tomorrow, I will get up, determined to shape up my own small garden.. and I’m not turning on the television all week long.

3 thoughts on “Haunting garden minstrels inspire me

  1. Hi, felt the same way as listened to them all morning. I just wish I liked
    working in the yard! You need to come see what Kenneth has done this
    year. Really nice.

  2. Oh I will. I agreed to chair the art in the garden project next year – will you be on my committee to help secure artists for the gardens. In fact, maybe Ken will be ready to put his garden on the tour!!!

  3. I could just see your beautiful Mom when I read this. She was such a lovely, gracious person.

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