Have I died and gone to heaven?

shucking cor

I must be a dreaming – I drifted over to Brenda’s house just now because the laughter beckoned and the temperature barely touched 88 degrees:  A cold wave in Mississippi terms. You can come outside without an oxygen tent.

I found Brenda and her sister, Ginger, with a couple hundred bushels of corn which they were cleaning and preparing for the freezer.

water buvcket8 Does anyone do this anymore?

They do on Green Street, and apparently have a ball doing it.  I thought I’d died and waked up in the last century.

I’m going to hang out with them a bit and try to recapture some of  that agrarian domesticity.  I thought it had gone the way of the dinosaur.

Of course, now they want me to help shuck and clean.  I’m hiding out until they’re done then I will go back and get an ear or two for dinner.


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