Have I got a deal for you!


If you are interested in getting an iPad, I can get you a great price through a contact. 

These are legal, not off the back of a  truck.  They are from a canceled hospital contract due to the government cutbacks.

The supply is limited  – I only have 20 to sell and they are going for the unheard of price of $19.99.

imagesI have already sold one (pic is attached below so you can see what you would
be getting).

Get back to me as quickly as you can if you want one.

eye pad

6 thoughts on “Have I got a deal for you!

  1. After watching that game last night…well as much as I watched..I probably need an Ipad this morning and if you finished watching that boring game, then you too deserve the IPad of the year through the Deluded Diva.

    Cheers and let’s hope that both LSU and Bama get better next year. Neither teams could score. They forgot their offense. Heck. even that small little school in Southern Georgia scored 21 points against Bama…hmm, they should have been playing instead of LSU.

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