Hell on wheels


You might be interested in seeing my new ride. For sure, it’s not what I ordered for Christmas!

The day before Thanksgiving, I developed a sudden and unexplained catch in my sacroiliac, or somewhere there-about.  It got progressively worse until I was finally confined to  bed this entire week. 

I am allowed a few outings in my new suped-up walker – a loaner from Brenda.  I told her NOT to bring that thing into my house, but she did anyway.  And you know what, it’s been a Godsend I’m ashamed to say.  

This morning, I was cruising into my dressing room and caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror over my tub.  There, walking through the door was the image of my late grandmother.  Oh my gosh.  When did this happen?

I know one thing for sure.  When this “condition” heals, I will return the walker and get me some crutches.  Then, I can say I had a skiing accident.  A walker just doesn’t send out the right message.

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