Help: My pecan pie’s gone missing!


Has anyone seen my pie? it looks like this. Did I eat the whole thing?

I read it in the news, so it must be so: The average American gains one pound during the period beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with New Years Day. If that’s true, then I’m way above average. In fact, I’m bloody exceptional!

Somehow I managed to pack on seven pounds in a 28-day period. I should win a prize or something. You might call it “Miracle on Montgomery Street” (the street where I live).

Frankly, this is not surprising since I worked my way through a seven layer bean dip on New Years Eve. And an entire pecan pie is missing from my fridge. I’m beginning to suspect I’m one of those sleep eaters – you know, those folks who wander into the kitchen in a deep sleep and begin disposing of the left-overs but confuse the garbage disposal with their mouths.

I was frantic after weighing in, and even banged the scales on the sink to make sure they weren’t jammed or something. I climbed back on for verification, and as if in retribution, the scales awarded me another 6 ounces. Yikes!

The situation called for all-out warfare, and I am sick of dieting. There’s where the half marathon idea came up and our little walking/running club was born. So far so good.  We’re seven days into the New Year and still on track with our daily assignments – except with all the rain I had to log in my three miles yesterday in Lowe’s – not an ideal walking/running venue.

3 thoughts on “Help: My pecan pie’s gone missing!

  1. When I used to live in Starkville, we didn’t have a Lowes-the colisuem at MSU was a great place to run/walk inside; round and round and round you go!

  2. Yes – The Hump has been a live-saver – I had to walk Lowe’s because it has been closed for the holidays. Back open, thank goodness.

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