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Did you know that you can grow your own ginger in your backyard?  Growing your own is easy and provides an endless supply of ginger which is is becoming more popular in many recipes, especially Asian.


To grow your own ginger, just pick up a a few pieces of ginger root at your grocery store. Look for fat pieces with small nodes.

Plant in a large pot – at least 12 by 12. First, place ginger roots in warm water and let them soak for 8 hours. Bury them with about 1/2 inch of soil with the buds on top. Water regularly but don’t let the soil get soggy. If the ginger grass appears and begins to turn brown you are probably watering too much.

Please note that ginger is not winter hardy and must be moved inside or into a green house to survive temperatures much lower than 55 degrees which can stunt the rhizome growth.

When you grow your own, you get a bonus ingredient that is new to most American palates – ginger grass.  It shoot off the the ginger rhizome when you plant it.  The grass will grow to be from two to four feet tall at maturity. 

saveIt can take up to 10 months before you can harvest your ginger. But you can clip the leaves for ginger tea or cooking in the meantime.  The flavor of the grass is like very mild ginger with a hint of lemon.

Source: – this is a nifty site with gardening tips, recipes and it’s all about becoming more self sufficient.

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  1. Emily, don’t know if all ginger plants require the same temps, but for years I had a ginger plant at the corner of the pagoda in my back yard. It would die down in the winter but would come back in the spring. Had the sweetest smelling white blossoms. When I walked out the patio door, I could smell it.

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