Holidays approach – better get crackin’


I was flabbergasted yesterday morning when I discovered it was October 25 and Christmas is only two months away.

I haven’t even cleaned the confetti off the dining room table from New Years Eve and here it is about to roll around again.

A British researcher has made a special study of stress and discovered that Christmas is one of the five leading producers of stress – right up there with death and divorce! I don’t think that’s what God intended on the birthday of His son.

mo stress

There are more suicides and breakdowns during Christmas week than any other week of the year, the researcher found.  The first step to stress prevention is to identify what causes you to feel stress.  One person may revel in a flurry of activity where someone else (me, for example) can feel totally overwhelmed.

causwes of stress

Ask yourself the following:  What one thing above all others makes you jumpy and irritable or causes you to feel you cannot cope?  For me it’s fighting the long lines while Christmas shopping.  But that’s tied up with getting the house company ready, cooking for days and making daily runs to the store to pick up ingredients (more long lines).

Ironically, stress can be caused by too little stress as often as too much stress. When all that stress is piled onto existing stress, we don’t enjoy the holidays as much as we could and we feel relief when they are over.

No, No, No.  I love Christmas and refuse to dread it.

Let’s vow to float blithely into the holiday season without getting stressed out. Why not pick out an afternoon this week and go out and leisurely purchase four presents for special people on your list. Do the same next week before the rest of the world gets crazy.

Better yet, do what my friend Yvonne is doing with her large extended family.  They are only giving gifts they have made – I think they are drawing names as well.  That’s one stress producer eliminated. Unless you’re like me and can’t make anything crafty.

But I could spend an afternoon making loaves of pumpkin bread or microwave candy – easy as pie and looks like you spent days.  Let me know if you need the recipe.  They may be placed in beautiful boxes which can be reused.

I’m also going to sit down this week and start my Thanksgiving menu – everything must be “make-ahead-able”.  First I must clean out the freezer of all those unidentifiable items so I’ll have room to begin freezing casseroles.

Lucky Dawg and Rebel are licking their chops knowing left-overs are on the way.

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