Hooray – the one-piece bathing suit is back

one piece bathing suit

Okay world.  You can burn your string bikinis, the one piece suit is back in a big way according to IVillage.com.  Boy am I glad. I was invited to the beach next week and haven’t been able to come up with a “suitable”  excuse.  Pardon the pun.

Since I haven’t worn a swim suit this century and wasn’t planning to ever again, I’ve been dreading the thought of sitting on the beach in my bath robe.  I was going to explain that I have a serious allergy to the sun.

Whew. Now I won’t have to invent a huge lie.  I’m going to shop some vintage stores and see if I can find a suit like my grandmother used to wear. I’ll be the most fashionable girl on the beach – also the Hottest!  Nother pun, sorry.

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