‘Hot in Cleveland’ panned unjustly


I couldn’t wait to see the first episode of the new TV Land Sit-com  “Hot in Cleveland” which airs at 9 p.m. Wednesdays  in the central time zone.

The previews hinted at a “Golden Girls” type storyline which appealed to my aging persona.  Of course,  I was lured by the cast which includes one of my all time favorite comics (next to Andy Griffith and Barney Fife) – the irrepressible Betty White.

While it began a bit slowly, the second episode last night developed the characters a little more fully, and I can see some very definite possibilities.  White’s character cracks me up.

The story is set in Cleveland where the younger three stars are grounded while on an international flght  to Paris.  They are forced to stay a while in the less than sophisticated city, but  seem smitten with Cleveland which they view as the polar opposite of the environment they had known in Beverly Hills.

I was discouraged to read all the bad reviews – which I figure came from viewers who appreciate such drivel as The Nanny and the Tyler Perry Show.  PUL-EZE. Either that , or the reviews came from Clevelandites who don’t like their city panned.  Those of us from  Mississippi have grown quite adept at living with unfounded criticism and snide remarks.  Welcome to my world, you Clevelanders.

I liked the show ! And I’ve set my DVR to tape it so I won’t miss a single episode – assuming it gets to run another month.

One thought on “‘Hot in Cleveland’ panned unjustly

  1. Emily,

    I love Betty White and have enjoyed the two episodes of “Hot in Cleveland”, too. Of course, I must admit, I still watch “The Golden Girls” and “Andy Griffith Show” reruns!

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