Hot stuff to try


I performed that dreaded task of cleaning out the refrigerator yesterday, and discovered no less than eight jars of mustard lurking about.

Being a sucker for the yellow stuff, I pick up a new flavor whenever I visit a gourmet grocery. I found hot mustards, brown mustards, grainy mustards, pale ale mustard and hot sweet mustards.

mustard gastronomista 2

So I set about figuring what to do with these flavorful condiments.  They aren’t just for hot dogs, you know.

*Try brown mustard as a seasoning for a tomato juice cocktail;

*Add a heaping tablespoon of pale ale mustard to your favorite chili recipe – I learned this tip at a cooking school I attended several years ago;

*Enhance the flavor of cream or tomato or vichyssoise with a dab of Dijon mustard;

*Smear a herbed mustard on pork chops, chicken breasts or steaks before roasting or grilling;

*Add course mustard to your salad dressings for a little kick;

*Whisk mustard into buttermilk and use it as a marinade for a new twist on Southern-fried chicken;

*Swirl any mustard into sour cream or yogurt for a fast dip for raw vegetables;

* Dunk steamed shrimp into a mixture of half mayonnaise and hot mustard;

* Mix grainy mustard with a dab of sour cream and mayo for a delicious sauce for pork medallions.

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