House party with the girls

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Tonight we had a house warming for Jill who has moved into her new digs.

Great place, great food, great friends. It doesn’t get much better than this.

In addition to warming up Jill’s new place, we planned our trip to North Carolina where we’ll do some serious hiking, white water rafting and Zip-lining along the tree tops. That’s a new sport for me, but I can’t wait to try it. The thing I love about these friends is that they make me stretch beyond where I think I can go.

They are risk takers, while I’m more tentative, more reserved.  (More boring.)  But everything they’ve made me do over the past few years (from bootcamp to canoeing to  a half marathon) has expanded my horizons  and made me feel like anything is possible. My ultimate dream, the Appalachian Trail, is next.

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We enjoyed an authentic “Yankee” meal featuring brats and cheese from Wisconsin which Jill brought back from her home state.  She is in the restaurant business and she will be our official cook during our great get-away.

How on earth did we adopt this Yankee woman into our little Southern goody goody click? Because she’s just so darn engaging. She keeps us from being stodgy, and explains terminology we wouldn’t otherwise understand.

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3 thoughts on “House party with the girls

  1. U didn’t tell me y’ll would be zip-lining. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. Maybe, y’ll will plan another trip when I’m able to go

  2. That’s what they tell me we will be doing. You know I’m afraid to climb a latter. But I’m determined to expand my horizons and letter rip, or zip, I guess.

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