How to be a kid again

more swiing

There is an old school house on my block, and late every afternoon I walk Lucky Dawg and Rebel down there.

I’d been eyeing the swing-set for months, but it seemed too infantile to actually get on and swing.

So, while the “Dogkids” run about, sniffing every blade of grass, I sit on a park bench mulling over things I need to do.  My mind wears me out sometimes.  It usually goes like this: “Get the car washed, pick up some dog food, send a card to Leah, print photos for Jack, put out new mulch, pick up dress at the cleaners, yada yada” until I am exhausted and depressed.


Yesterday, in the midst of my mental calisthenics, my curiosity got the best of me.  I looked at the swing longingly. Could I still pump and go higher and higher like we did at East Side elementary in 1954?

I placed my IPhone and IPod on a park bench and climbed aboard. Lucky and Rebel looked at each other as if to say ”Oh gee, this is going to be bad.”

At first I began slowly, then began to pump. I flew higher and higher, working to go forward then sailing back.  This was more fun than I’d had all day! Suddenly, my thoughts turned to clouds, big puffy floating clouds. I leaned back and flew into the sky.

Who knew there were such simple pleasures just waiting to be explored.

We returned home refreshed and recharged. Sometimes you’ve just got to do something totally ridiculous to get yourself out of a rut.

3 thoughts on “How to be a kid again

  1. I was afraid the end result would be that you did not try it. Go back, swing higher and higher. You can regain a piece of your child hood. On your way home you need to skip and hop. I do it all the time so I will not forget how.

  2. Emily, I used those swings at least once a week! I miss them almost as much as my neighbors.

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