How to have a good hair day


I’ve ranted and raved about my listless locks all my life and they’re about to take revenge by falling out!  Normal people would be heartbroken. Me?  I say good riddance you wimpy strings of split ends.


I’ve spent thousands of dollars each year trying beef up my baby-fine hair or get back to the color God gave me originally, but no one remembers what that was. 

Well, no problem.  Marie, Norma and I went wig shopping yesterday and thought we looked so cute we went out and walked the mall cruising for guys (well all but Norma – she’s already got a keeper).

I wore one of mine right out of the store and had a frizz-free day despite the drizzle.  Marie bought a scrunchy – which is a kind of extension which works like an pony tail booster.  I thought it looked great and it made her a full six inches taller.  Norma found a perfect match for her own hair which will come in handy on days she’s running late for a meeting or just too lazy to fool with her hair. 

I keep mine beside my lounging chair and when the doorbell rings, I plop it back on and receive my guests looking like I’m ready for a cocktail party.   This is the greatest thing since hair spray – which incidentally I won’t be needing any more.  Between color, cuts, and other bad hair products, I figure I’ll save about $1000 a year. 

A lady at Hobby Lobby made my day when she asked if I got my haircut anywhere around Tupelo.  I popped off the wig and she darn near fainted.  Oh, boy, this is going to be so much fun. 

Cancer is no picnic in the park, but honestly, I must tell you that there have been way more positives than negatives.  For starters I learned that people are hot-wired with a huge amount of compassion and kindness which multiplies when a fellow traveler is needing encouragement.  It feels like Christmas every day and isn’t that how it should be?

7 thoughts on “How to have a good hair day

  1. So glad to see your precious face!! You know you need to name your wig!!
    I have a couple of friends that have done that, i.e. Lola and Tina, just to give you and idea!! Just a fun little twist 🙂 Praying for you!!
    I love the wig, it looks very natural!!
    Love you girl,
    Susanne Allen Thomas

  2. I bought two and shall name them Laurel and Hardy,because they will likely be worn sideways and backwards most of the time! Thanks for the suggestion Susanne!

  3. Emily, you look beautiful, I would never have known that was a wig!!
    I thought it was a before picture!

    What a wonderful positive comment on living, bless your heart and your humor!!

    Blessing of health to you.

    I may just get a wig, I am thinking of all the money I would save plus my
    hairdresser of 25 years is moving to New Zealand, a wig would be cheaper that moving with her!!


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