How to lose five pounds in three days!

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This no joke, no gimmicky hoax, but a healthy way (I hope) to drop those pounds that sneaked up during the Holidays.

If you’ll send me $1,000, I’ll share how I did it – and quite painlessly, I might add!

Nah, I’ll just write a diet book and you can buy it.  But I’ll give you the basics of what worked for me.

The plan is loosely based on a program sometimes called the “Go-Diet” or the “Four Corners Diet.”  Best of all it involves no calorie counting or limitations on a huge variety of delicious foods.

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In a nutshell it involves high fiber, no sugar, only traces of simple carbs, and no alcohol of course.

It permits unlimited veges (of the green, red and yellow variety), hard cheeses, lean meats, eggs and monounsaturated fats (olive oil and walnut oils, avocados, nuts – but don’t overdo the nuts).

The difference in this plan and the myriad of other “Low carb” programs is the fiber recommendation and no protein-only induction period.

I figure I consumed more than 2600 calories a day!  And did ZERO exercise which I plan to add to the mix around Jan. 15.

Today is day four for me and I’ve never felt so energetic.  I had to MAKE myself eat breakfast which was a pimiento-cheese omelet.  Mysteriously, there are no more aches and pains that usher in the aging process!

My sugar cravings have evaporated and I plan to continue for three more days to see what happens. Today I get to add low carbohydrate fruits such as strawberries and raspberries.  I will also add plain frozen yogurt – if I can get to the store.  It’s sleeting and snowing heavily at the moment.

Here is my typical delicious day…


Breakfast:  Two egg omelet with a half cup of broccoli (cooked about a minute in the microwave) a handful of low-fat Kraft cheeses (check the label to see that they are carb free).  One day I added two strips of bacon and you can add ham if you have any on hand.

(Now, hold on.  Some would say this is too many eggs – but the new thinking is eggs are not the culprit we once believed – besides, this part of the plan is meant to get you off those even more harmful simple carbs.  As you add more whole grains, you probably should reduce the eggs.  Remember though, I’m not a nutritionist, I just like to pretend.

Lunch:  Huge fresh spinach salad with chopped onion, grilled chicken, one tomato chopped, bleu cheese, flax seed, and a dressing of walnut oil, mustard and balsamic vinegar. One day I substituted a grilled salmon fillet and the next day, I grilled one of those Ledbetter bacon wrapped fillets.  How Evil!!!

Mid-afternoon if hungry I would snack on  1/2 avocado and/or a turkey roll-up with jalapeno cheese and horseradish sauce.

Dinner:  Tuna salad made with one can of water packed tuna, onion, celery, pickle relish (Kroger sugar free). In place of crackers (one of my weaknesses), I discovered a product called Hot and Spicy Chicharrones (a Kroger product which is basically a light and fluffy pork rind but much better than any other on the market). Tonight I’m making a meat loaf using the crushed rinds in place of bread and low sugar catsup.

Special treat when you’re feeling vulnerable – Two tablespoons of Crunchy Peter Pan Peanut butter right out of the jar.  I confess I did four last night or probably could have dropped another pound!  After examining every peanut butter on the market I discovered PP has the least “net carbs”.

A net carb for those of you who don’t diet much is the total carbs (check the label) less the amount of Fiber.  The golden rule is not to exceed 50 net carbs. You can add more as your weight loss continues and the bread/sugar munchies aren’t returning.

Oh, one more rule – eight (8-ounce glasses of water) plus one for every 10 pounds you want to lose.

I only exceeded 20 net carbohydrates during any of the three days but will begin adding a few more today – probably in the form of whole grains or more nuts. I’m still a little frightened of breads because they will probably lead me back to my drug of choice – sugar.

If you want a list of all allowed foods, I will provide or you can wait for the book.  Just don’t hold your breath.

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