How to pick a winner


I have a sure fire way to always pick the winners of the Academy Awards (which is coming up in less than a month). It works every time.

My method is surprisingly simple. The movie that I don’t understand, fell asleep in, or that has Meryl Streep in it always wins.

The one that has a good soundtrack in it always wins.


The ones that are box-office hits never win.

The winner that makes the longest speech is the actor/actress that no one ever heard of.

We deserve it though. We convince ourselves that the members of the academy have to know what they are doing. They must know what is quality and what isn’t. What do I know? cartoon

I still don’t know why my intellectual friends call the TV the “boob tube” I love TV, but admitting that today takes courage in a generation of people that take pride in saying they don’t own a TV or that if they do own one, they hardly ever turn it on.

Do you think I’ll ever tell them that I turn my set on when I get up and turn it off when the National Anthem plays? (This was in the day when TV stations actually stopped broadcasting late at night and started again in the morning.)

I hide my supermarket tabloids and read them behind closed doors….and this is how I choose my books…If the reviews in the front of the book says “a real page-turner”, ” I couldn’t put it down”. or ” you won’t sleep a wink”, don’t buy it.

If famous authors recommend it, don’t buy it. They have an agreement to plug each other’s books.

If a book has the words “Eternally”, “Always”. “Forever”, or “Paradise” in the title, don’t buy it. It is the same book with chapters scrambled and titles rearranged.

Maybe I should have listened when Mama told me not to sit too close to the TV all those years, I think it did something to my mind. No one views the world like I do. She always told me it might ruin my vision and damage my mind. You know, I think it really did

4 thoughts on “How to pick a winner

  1. LOL
    Good observations.
    I don’t watch the academy awards if there is an old black and white movie on.

  2. I love the movie observations and agree 100%. I may have to take issue with your opinion of books. Half of mmy collection of paperbacks have those words in the title. lol

    Love the post, keep it up.

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