How to re-upholster a chair in 55 minutes


I don’t own a pair of scissors that will cut anything thicker than a piece of tissue paper, and even then they kind of chew it up instead of cutting a clean line.

Therefore when I read how to reupholster a chair in 55 minutes, I knew it was time to get a little more domestic.

Most people own a really really ugly chair that even the garbage truck refuses to pick up.

Here’s how to give it new life before the current episode of Law & Order is over.  You pick up Lucky Dawg and take the blanket she’s been sleeping on for the last three years.  You drop it in the washing machine and in 25 minutes, move it to the dryer.  In 30 more minutes, it will be ready to throw over the ugly chair.  Voila, newly upholstered chair.


One thought on “How to re-upholster a chair in 55 minutes

  1. LOL. I have a couple of those. The onl fabric is exotic dog hair– ok domestic dog hair. Very funny Emily!!!

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