How to rid produce of pesticides

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Seems like a week doesn’t go by, that we don’t hear about some nasty little illness caused by foreign residue on our fresh produce.

Now, I read that a new study suggests a link between ADHD and produce residue.   I rarely remember to wash my celery.  It just LOOKS so clean, but buyer beware, there are pesticides lurking about and now I know why I have such a hard time focusing on one thing at a time.


Frozen blueberries were found to have the highest organophosphate (the bad stuff)  residue at 28%, with strawberries coming in at a close second at 25%.  Celery had a 19% contamination rate.

How do we protect ourselves from pesticide contamination?  One lady I know actually washes her produce in the dish washer.  I probably wouldn’t want to try that since I don’t have a cold cycle and I would clean and cook the veges!

Here are some helpful hints according to Everydayhealth, com.

If possible, buy local and organic.  Even if you do, make sure to still peal your fruit when you have the option. For fruits and vegetables that can’t be peeled (like strawberries and celery), make sure you wash them thoroughly.  Most people think running fruit under water for a few seconds gets the job done – wrong. The best cleaning method is to wash produce with a diluted vinegar solution.  Here’s how to do it.

Cleaning Produce with Vinegar

Reuse an old spray bottle.  For every cup of white vinegar, add three cups of water.  Shake well and spray your fruits and vegetables with the solution.  You should spray enough to cover their entire surface. After, wash them with cold tap water so your fruits and veggies don’t taste and smell like vinegar (I’ll pass on the vinegar-flavored strawberries, thank you).

Tests prove that the vinegar solution removes 98% of all bacteria or pesticides, compared to 80% when washing with a water and brush.

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  1. Thanks for this info.
    I’ll have to start the vinegar wash to fight off those pesticides!

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