How to shop til you drop without spending $$$


Day two at the beach and I’ve yet to set foot on the sand or go near the water.  This is working out well.  We decided instead to do some shopping . Since Marie met her Capt. Morgan last night, we thought it would be appropriate to shop for a wedding ensemble.


Carole, above, will be maid of honor and Linda, below, won a coin toss for matron of honor.

hat day 032

Norma will play the part of flower girl, and dash about tossing rose petals.

better norma036 Not the sure the wedding will take place, but we are definitely planning to bring hats back into style.  For one thing, we’ll won’t have to worry about bad hair days.

We visited no less than 10 different boutiques and didn’t purchase a thing, but had a ball engaging in a bit of innocent fantasy.

I guess tomorrow, I’ll break down and pay a visit to the beach.

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