How to turn loose change into $30K

This week I started a new system to save loose change. I change handbags frequently and somehow the loose change always sneaks out of the coin keeper and gravitates to the bottom of the bag…so much so, that I jingle when I walk.

I was reading a new book today on investing. In it, there was a true story about a young woman who was trying to buy a home but couldn’t scrape up the down payment. She mentioned it to her mother who said “Hold on, I think I can help you out.”

The mother went to her husband’s closet and pulled out a box which contained more than $30,000 she had been collecting for 30 years. Each night when her husband emptied his pockets, she immediately placed the change in the box. She had no idea what a tidy little sum she had built. It was turned over to the daughter who had way more than she needed for the downpayment.

I cleaned out all my purses, and scraped up $14 in change. It’s going into a big bottle to save up for my dream cabin in the woods. You gotta start somewhere.

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