Hydrangea heaven

shirley's hydrangas 023

Shirley, my personal Garden Mama, had the lunch bunch over today to witness nature in its finest hour.

Her hydrangeas are putting on a show this year like never before– she’s not sure why, but who cares.  We were just happy to be spectators in the parade of color.

shirley's hydrangas 003

Shirley has over 110 varieties of hydrangeas in colors ranging from the frostiest pale pink to deep purple.

shirley's hydrangas 025

One of her favorites is a species that looked like a big ole blob of mashed potatoes.

Some blooms are the size of dinner plates and others lacy and petite.

Everywhere you look, color is abundant and the bees make comfortable companions.  It sounded and look like summer in Mississippi regardless of what the calendar says.

shirley's hydrangas 029 Most of the  guests stayed inside to catch up with each other after a long hard winter.

But Shirley and I went straight to the garden to admire nature’s handiwork – and the fruits of her labor. Gardening can be hard work, but the payoff came today!

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