I can resist anything – except temptation!


Cleaning out my  closets always reminds me that I have been living a life of excess.

Always in search of the perfect pair of black slacks or the most comfortable shoes on the planet, I shop till I drop.

As a consequence, I must have 10 pair of black pants, ditto for black pumps which are lurking around, like ladies in waiting.

All of them have something wrong with them – pants too short or too heavy and hot, or shoes that pinch or went out of style during the Crusades. Today I began the Great Purge and I plan to be brutal!

I’ve lost 21 pounds since January and it’s time to get rid of those larger sizes.  But that itty bitty committee in my head warns – what if you gain the weight back this winter?  What will you wear then, dork?

I drowned them out by turning up my Blood Sweat and Tears CD and plowing ahead, tossing anything that doesn’t make me feel good.

Singing along to “What goes up must come down”, I cleared my closet of a total of 34 items including old T-shirts with chocolate stains and everything yellow or tan.  I detest yellow and tan and can’t imagine why I purchased these items.

Around the world, a secret revolution is underway.  People are rebelling against all the “stuff” they’ve “stuffed” into their homes. I’m committed to simplifying my life in every way, so hopefully I can rediscover its true meaning.  I don’t think it’s about acquiring shoes.

Next week, the kitchen!

3 thoughts on “I can resist anything – except temptation!

  1. When can you come to my house and do the same for me?? I can’t seem to get rid of anything!! See you Saturday night.

  2. So happy you’re coming. I should have reminded all the “other” kids of West Point High they are invited to join us to dance the night away.
    Remember, your biggy is next year!

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