I can’t ‘bear’ it without Colonel Rebel

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We attended Ole Miss Homecoming yesterday – my first return to my alma mater in more than 20 years.

I never saw a glimpse of the much publicized new Bear mascot, but Colonel Rebel was everywhere.  Don’t tell me the Colonel has been retired!

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What happened to the bear?  I’m not sure, but I saw some pretty strong evidence that the bear may not gain immediate acceptance.  Above, Conley and I  spotted a tee shirt that was being sold in The Grove. (Sorry about that, Mr. Bear.)

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The Colonel stopped to visit Bella and Sophia, granddaughters  of Doug and Sheila Wood from West Point.  Later he was interviewed by a film crew preparing a documentary for the Mississippi Department of Tourism. (Unfortunately he lit up a cigarette.  Shame on you Colonel – it should have at least been a cigar.)

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Susan and Kyle Chandler were great tailgate hosts.  Kyle prepared the centerpiece in the background.  Never knew Kyle had such a way with flowers.  Hmmm.  Do we see a new career for post-retirement?

2 thoughts on “I can’t ‘bear’ it without Colonel Rebel

  1. I am a Georgia fan and will be traveling to Oxford this year to see Georgia play Ole Miss. As a visiting fan I believe it’s shameful of those who allowed the colonel to be tucked behind the scenes for politically correct purposes. I hope to see a lot of the colonel from the Ole Miss faithful when I get to the grove! Looking to meet some new friends and tailgate in Oxford this will be my first trip and I won’t know anyone there. Go Dawgs!

  2. Let me welcome you in advance to Oxpatch. You Will see no bears and gaboodles of Colonel Rebels. If anything, that poorly crafted PC decision on the part of the university has driven fans more solidly to the Colonel’s corner. You will also hear “Dixie” played by the Ole Miss band – was really glad that didn’t get banned as well!

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