I feel like I awoke on another planet


This a.m. I turned on the news to see if I wanted to get up or not.  The weather was wicked and it seemed like a good day to play sick.

There on all the networks was the stunning news that celebrities Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have ended their three-year marriage.

So who the heck are they?  And what did they do to earn this prime slot on the morning news?

The newscasters seemed to think this is the bombshell of the century and here I’ve never heard of either of these people.  And which is the man and which is the woman?  And what rock am I living under.

What ever happened to Tony Curtis and Dean Martin?  That’s who I want to hear about.  Oh, gee, I think they’re dead.  I guess my brain has grown shallow from too much internet.

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