I finally found me a man!

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I’ve known him for 40 years and never suspected we had a future together.  He lost his wife 35 years ago and I lost my husband 10 years ago.  The time was right for us to get together.


civic club, glen 006 Yesterday was the day.  I was at my wit’s end with no less than 15 chores needing done around my old house and all were way beyond my limited abilities. 

I needed new draperies hung (see  left); I had an electrical problem that silenced the shower in my new courtyard fountain; the shade in my bedroom window was sprung an wouldn’t rise to let the light in; my above and below florescent task lights in the kitchen were so dim I couldn’t see to cook – I thought I had a cataract!  

Face it Emily.  You need a man.  Pilfering through my junk drawer I discovered the business card Glen James had given me several months ago.  It read “Hammerhead” – “anything needs doing, I can do it.”  It was time to give him a call.

Okay, so my new man is what you might call a “handyman,” but he will be in my life forever.  He can do anything that needs doing and a few you didn’t even know needed doing. Every single woman (and lots of married ones with technically challenged husbands) needs a guy like this.

He spent three hours at my house yesterday morning and charged me a mere $60 – it was the best money I ever spent.  After installing new, brighter lighting in my kitchen, I can see again. He even got a rag and cleaned the tops of the cabinets and the woodwork I could never reach.

He noted that none of my smoke alarms worked and replaced all the batteries (my smoke alarms were installed 11 feet up on the walls and my ladder won’t allow me to reach them).  He admired an antique corner cupboard I was using as a side table and asked me why I didn’t hang it.  Well, duh, I couldn’t figure out how to do it, I told him.

He selected just the perfect corner and hung the thing which I bought in New Orleans in 1982.  At last I can appreciate it for what it was intended!  He fixed a lamp I had placed in the trash because I couldn’t get it to work. He took it apart, jiggled something, then set it back in its home, shining like a silver dollar.

Glen and I worked together back in the 70s – he was a radio producer and I was doing “voice overs.”  Now we’re both retired.  He’s still productive, and unproductive people like me keep him in business.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to finally get these tedious projects behind me.

My best advice for you is make a list of all those tasks hanging over your head, and go ahead and call a handyman.  Glen’s number is 662-341-0143 if you’re anywhere near the Golden Triangle.

7 thoughts on “I finally found me a man!

  1. Emily, we have a problem! I thought he was mine. You may remember that I met Glen at your home many months ago. He not only did dozens of “odd jobs” for me, he built me a new bathroom cabinet! He’s amazing.

  2. Oh gee Yvonne. Well, at least we will soon be living next door to each other and he can run back and forth whenever we need him! He’s starting on my center island next week – couldn’t afford granite so we are doing quarry tile or some such. Also going to replace my fru fru chandelier with three pendants. You need a used chandelier for somewhere?

  3. I’ll sure ask, Lota. He might do it if you’ll let him stay for a while – you know, vacation time. Give your neighbors something to talk about.

  4. He certainly IS one amazing man, isn’t he?
    He’s always so laid back yet meticulous.
    I’ve loved him for over 50 years.
    He’s my big brother.

  5. Sounds like you need to look further in to this relationship. He sounds like
    a keeper. Then he might be like the other men in our lives, home chores are always their last priority. Maybe we could put him on a retainer.

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