I get by with a little help from my friend


Do you ever have one of those days when things just seem to fall into place and you feel like you’ve got an angel riding on your shoulder?

I had such a day last week and totally took it for granted.  Now I know I had a little help from a childhood friend in Tuscaloosa. Let me tell you about it.

Some time ago, my friend, Olivia, began saving all the greeting cards she receives during the year… for birthdays, Christmas, etc.  She puts them in a special little wooden box and takes one card out each morning and puts it on the mirror in her dressing room.

“Each time I see the card, I say a special prayer (for the sender),” she said. “Father God, bless my friend in whatever it is that you know he or she may be needing this day.  May their life be full of your peace, prosperity, and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with you. Amen.”

If she knows they are going through something difficult such as an illness, she adds a prayer for that.

“I pulled one from you last Friday,” said Olivia.  “I hope you had a good day.”

Well, no wonder I had such a great day – I spent it in one of my favorite cities – Memphis, TN – and really did have a good day and a safe trip.  I love this idea, and may start to do it myself.

“I’m not sure where I found this idea, but I think it was while we were living in Starkville,” she added.  “It keeps you focused on the important things and people in your life, and it also reminds you of the blessings of your own life!”

Look, life is tough.  We can use all the help we can get.  Thanks Olivia for a beautiful idea.

2 thoughts on “I get by with a little help from my friend

  1. Olivia’s idea shows how pretty she is, inside and out! She has been so sweet to check on us recently after Jimmy’s heart attack, and we’ve appreciated her prayers. I’ve always kept my cards, but I like the idea to pull them out daily.

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