I just died and went to gardener’s heaven

shirley's mags 004

My personal “Garden Mama” – Shirley Dawkins – just made my day, maybe my year. She sent me stacks and stacks of garden magazines she’s collected over the years.

Shirley was planning to take this cache to the Starkville Public Library, but then remembered the “Everything Garden Expo” this weekend.  She thought her treasure might find a more appreciative audience  at the Expo.

We’ll be distributing them from the Starkville Arts Council booth – for free! Don’t miss this – Saturday and Sunday, March 5-6 at the Mississippi Horse Park.

I buy every garden magazine that appears on the rack and pour over them, dreaming of what my little garden might become. Now I have enough material to last me a lifetime.  But I only have them for two more days, then must pass them along to our Garden Expo attendees.

I called Brenda, my neighboring gardener wannabee,  and we are trying to find someone who will sell us a dexadrene tablet so we can make a stand to read them all tonight. I’m salivating.

2 thoughts on “I just died and went to gardener’s heaven

  1. Emily,
    I’m a wannabe gardner also and enjoy reading articles and salivating over the pictures in those magazines, too! It’s such great entertainment although I lack the motivation to get much more of it done in my own garden.
    I enjoy your musings!

  2. Me too Pam. But it’s fun to dream…..BTW, has your beautiful sedum come up yet. I still want to get a piece – I’ve not been able to find one with leaves so large.

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