I like ta’ died last night

near death

I had one of the ten worst experiences of my entire life last night and I was grateful when I woke up still breathing this a.m. 


At 10 p.m. I let Rebel and Lucky Dawg out for one last romp through the garden,  While they are doing their thing, I take my vitamins – calcium, Vitamin C, Fish oil and a baby aspirin.

I tend to gulp, because it’s a boring activity and I want to get it over with.  Never again.  The aspirin went down a new path and got lodged in the right side of my throat. It’s still there this morning and I cannot swallow and breathing is even difficult.  I think it may have burned a hole in my throat.

I got up in the night and guzzled some olive oil, didn’t work.  By morning’s light, I googled the problem and find it’s not all that uncommon but if the pill doesn’t dissolve it can literally burn a hole. Google suggests trying some applesauce or mushy baked potato to dislocate the obstruction. 

If that doesn’t work, I guess it’s off to the emergency room.  But first I must update my will!

Here’s the point – don’t ever take a pill without water and take them slowly or you may find yourself in a similar predicament.

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