I love a topless restaurant – no wait, was that tapas?

I feel compelled to offer a review of my new favorite restaurant. After sampling no less than 10 eateries in the Nashville area, the one I would definitely put on my “return list” is “Bound’ry.”

A little neighborhood eatery in the heart of the Vanderbilt area, Bound’ry is casual with the high energy that typifies its youthful clientelle. (They were very nice to old people, too.) The menu could best be described as “global” since the specialties feature items from near and far.

We were especially impressed with the Australian Ostrich which was marinated in a sweet pomegranate molasses, lightly smoked, and topped with a currant sauce. It could be purchased as a Tapas ( I thought the cute waiter said it was served “topless,” so of course I ordered it) and it was accompanied by a almond sweet potato tart and grilled squash.

But the piece de resistance was the S’more tart which tasted as good as the ones I made as a Brownie scout only prettier and not so messy. They also served a beautiful Jack Daniels brownie (pictured at top). It bore no resemblance to its homelier cousin to which we were accustomed.

This place is a “must do” on your Nashville restaurant list. It was pricey – but mostly because we ordered practically everything on the menu.

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