I made my case!


In this morning’s Starkville Daily News, my column was all about how to dress like a senior citizen.

I was furious when I picked up the paper just now and noticed that some well meaning editor (probably just out of high school) edited out all my references to “Spanx” and replaced each with the word “Spandex”.

Made me sound like I’d been living under a rock somewhere. To quote the original column before Spanx was changed to Spandex:

“I tossed out a teeny miniskirt that was barely a foot long! I figure it  was left over from the Carter Administration which was a pretty tacky time.  Take it from me, mini-skirts don’t mix well with Spanx.  (If you don’t know about Spanx, I figure you must be a size two and under the age of 35.)”

See?  Some teen-aged proof reader never heard of Spanx.  But believe me, she will.  Oh, yes, she will.  Just give her a few more years of wolfing down Big Macs and chasing them with Coca-Colas.  I will have my revenge!

Surely my regular readers are a familiar with Spanx – those wonderful new generation undergarments that make you instantly firm up and look like you just lost 10 pounds, and all with kid glove comfort!?  So anyway, don’t bother to read my column – makes no sense.

One thought on “I made my case!

  1. Reminds me of way back when I was writing book reviews for the paper. I was always VERY careful about having no typos–this came from having a mother who was an English teacher and going through the Bus. Ed. department at Ole Miss with the one-and-only Lytle C. Fowler as dept. head. Anyway, I took my review and turned it in, and when it came out in the paper, it had 13 (thirteen) errors in it–THIRTEEN!!! I circled each in red, and went marching up to the SDN. They did apologize and put it in again; but, my WORD!! I offered to come up and proof-read for them; but they told me they didn’t have the money to pay someone to do that. So, you have all my sympathy!

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