I think I knew what I think I knew


I knew it!  I plunked down the dollars to straighten my teeth, knowing full well, I would be hit by a bus once my smile was back. 

I would be dead but no one would know I died with a great smile.

After six months, my teeth are straight again, but I ruptured a disc and now I will be dragging around my right leg for eternity. Since I blew all my money on my smile, I can’t afford to fix my leg.

Just call me Chester.

I went from orthodontist to orthopedist. No one should fool around  with mother nature.

Braddock took me to the spine doctor today and I’m a sitting candidate for his knife.  I refused, and the doctor (who was wearing a retainer himself and still had acne) measured my thighs and announced that my right leg had lost two inches. 

“And that’s bad why?” I asked. “If you can make my left thigh lose two inches, I will be a perfect woman.”

He had no sense of humor.  I’m getting a second opinion.

4 thoughts on “I think I knew what I think I knew

  1. I am so sorry about your plight! I read the whole thing because the title of this one reminded me of a four-year-old choir song that we used to teach the kids at FBC: “I thought a thought, but the thought I thought was not the thought that I thought I thought.” Say that fast. I know the tune, too. 🙂

  2. Emily.. the best spine dr.s in our area are Dr. Timothy Bassett in Tuscaloosa and Dr. Edward Pratt in Memphis. Check them out for your second opinion. Jamie has seen both of them.

  3. I was actually referred to Dr. Bassett – went over and saw him this week. Really like him a lot. He says I need surgery thought- may try to get a second opinion. Thanks for the info.

  4. A carpenter sees every problem as fixable with a hammer. A surgeon recommends surgery. But you know more about doctors than I, Emily! I am glad you let us know what was wrong with your back, because I have been worried for you. At least a ruptured disc we have heard of. So sorry you have to have one, though. One of my legs is shorter than the other because of a car accident that bowed my knee. Surgery won’t make our legs grow, though, will it?

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