I’m going to try this starting today!

061127_HolidayWishList_cvr While cleaning out a hat box where I keep stuff I don’t want to lose, I found my list of New Year’s resolutions from 1992. (Of course I lost the hatbox and just found it in the bottom of an armoire.)

I was dumbfounded to realize that I’ve had the very same resolutions every year since, and haven’t accomplished them yet!

My daily feng shui tip offered an interesting idea that I am going to try.  The note suggested this is the most perfect time to write down our own personally powerful ‘Wish List’ of what we would love to have materialize in our own lives inside the next 27 days or so.

Instead of going the traditional route and writing a letter to the North Pole, why not write a little missive to the universe instead? With any gold ink pen on red paper, write a list of nine goals, intentions, hopes, wishes or dreams that you desire to manifest over the next days, weeks and months. I don’t know if the number 9 is significant or not, and maybe the red paper holds some magical secret for success in fulfilling our dreams.  Heck. It’s worth a try!

Every night before you go to sleep, take that list and read it aloud before placing it somewhere where you will see it immediately upon waking. The next day, before your feet hit the floor, read that list aloud again. Do this for 27 days straight. If you skip a night or day, you must begin and repeat the entire process over again.

If this works I’ll be 20 pounds thinner by January 6 with a streamlined organized home. I’ll have at least two grandchildren and enjoy a reputation as a championship golfer.  I will be playing the fiddle in a band and touring the country.  I’ll have my own television cooking show and deny Paula Deen the opportunity to come on as my guest (just like she turned me down to come on her show).

Barrack Obama will offer me a slot on his cabinet as the czar of delusion.  My mystery novel will hit the Best Seller List and I will stay up past 9 p.m. at least one night a week.

Right now I’m off to take a nap so I can stay up til 9 tonight.  I have a Christmas party to attend.  Wish Number 9 is a good place to start.

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