I’m not crazy after all


This weekend I wrote a newspaper column about my irrational fears which have become problematic in the past few months.


Now I learn that at least two other people feel the same way. Thank you Milo and Joan.  We all hate I-40 to Nashville. Suddenly other people have come out of the woodwork to admit similar phobias.

I imagine my little Rav 4 sandwiched  between two 18-wheelers, and I’m down here looking  up at their fat tires, and imagine how it would feel to get caught underneath 15,000 tons of metal and rubber.

I take a death grip on safety bar (my son calls it the “oh sh==  bar) I suck air every time he changes lanes and he threatens to set me out on the road in some place like Alcorn County.

He gets exasperated and vows never to drive me anywhere ever again unless he can get a prescription for Xanax – I’m not sure if he means for me or for him!

He doesn’t know the half of it.  I have developed other inexplicable phobias.  I am afraid to walk across a bridge because I imagine someone rushing up behind me to push me over the side.  And I am afraid of bananas. Okay that one makes me crazy.  I plead guilty.

2 thoughts on “I’m not crazy after all

  1. When I use to live in Michigan I would travel from WP back to Michigan going through Nashville. I would travel up towards Amory and through county roads until I got to the Interstate from Nashvile to B’ham. I found it easy and faster than goiung up to Jackson, Tn and then across. I don’t remember the roads, but if you are interested I could track them and let you know. I drove this way 3 or 4 times a year and always loved the trip from WP to Nashville.

  2. Please do. I would do anything to avoid I-40. Tried cutting off at Selmer, TN and going across country but still have to get back on 40 for final leg.

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