In praise of autumn


At 9:49 a.m. (Central Time), we can say so long to summer and welcome autumn which always arrives right on time.  I’m counting the minutes for my favorite season to shove out a long hot summer and offer all its promises of the approaching holidays, cooler temperatures and a panorama of color and texture.


I can practically smell the aroma of burning leaves and indescribable beauty as the leaves begin to dress in brilliant orange, yellow, red and browns.  It brings back vivid memories of my youth – raking leaves and jumping in the middle and having to rake all over again.  Of the pure joy of a touch football game in the front yard as all the neighborhood kids seem to come out of the woodwork.  Of mother taking me to buy my new pair of saddle oxfords.


This is a mystic time as the katydids cease their evening chorus and the nights are still.

If we’re lucky we’ll be treated to a harvest moon as it makes its climb to the top of the world. It could come as early as tonight, but more likely it will be next week.

I’m just thinking how beautiful it would be tonight as the Bulldogs run on the field at 6 p.m. underneath a big ole harvest moon – so named because in days gone by,  it provided light late in the day for farmers to gather in their crops.

It’s September. It’s autumn. It’s America. It’s home.  As I watch the unrest in other parts of the world, I offer up a prayer of thanks and hope that this too shall pass and we can preserve the values that made this country the greatest in the world.

2 thoughts on “In praise of autumn

  1. Emily,I loved your story about fall! The pictures are awesome also,I really enjoy your writing! I hope to come hme soon and hope to see you. I want to come for the reunion. How are the boys? Nancy Jones

  2. Great Nancy. So happy to hear from you. Hope you can come for the reunion. Can’t wait. How’s everything in the big easy?

    Incidentallly reunion is the day before state-Alabama game in case you’ee interested.

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