Into the final stretch


Can you believe Christmas Eve is one week from today and I’ve been piddling away my time napping between old movies.


Today I’m playing catch-up – with a very strict schedule which doesn’t allow any free time for movies or naps.  I’m exciting about getting out for some Christmas shopping –just hope there’s something left in the stores.  I always love browsing around while the intercom plays all the old Christmas standards.

I’m feeling the magic of Christmas and want this week to last forever. You may be facing challenges. You may even have financial problems, health problems, relationship problems. You may be concerned about natural disasters or the state of the world.

Or, like me you may be trying to figure out how to get 13 people seated at a dining room table made for 12.  Whatever – park your troubles at the door – they will still be there after Christmas.

But I’m taking today and letting go of all these negatives.  Remember, you can come back to these problems later but in this moment just experience the miracle of life in all its glorious messiness.  I know of which I speak because one of my chores t day is to clean out the refrigerator, still packed with Thanksgiving leftovers.  I’m pretty sure they qualify as science projects by now.

Hold on, cleaning out the refrigerator  isn’t a negative – I just keep think how I’ll feel when it’s all empty and shining and ready to begin filling up again!

Take this moment and make a concentrated effort to focus on the positive energy that surrounds you. Think of those small things which have given you the greatest joy.  It’s good to be in love, but its magnificent to be in joy.

7 thoughts on “Into the final stretch

  1. I’m in the final stretch too. Only 3 gifts left. YAY!
    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

  2. Merry Christmas from South Georgia! May God our father pour out the blessings on you and your family!

  3. Must clean out the pantry!!!! I can’t find anything.
    Oh well, I’m just glad I have a full pantry. Thanks be.

  4. Are not we lucky to have full pantries ? We as a nation of people are blessed. Yea for positives vibes…

    I love the story about me, for example, who drank to much Holiday Spirit but not so much that I knew I should not drive my car…I .did something that I’ve never done before . I took a TAXI home. Glad I had the taxi because there was a police check, but being a cab he waved us through. Now it’s morning and I have this Taxi in my garage, with no idea where it came from nor how it got there ? I loved that story..I still smile after hearing or telling it for years and years.

    Blessings of Joy to all.

    Our here in Rancho Mirage, CA. it’s 70 during the day, 55 at night, but the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

    JOY reigns ..

  5. Emily,

    Just wanted you to know that our friend, Donna, from Fawnskin, CA. reads you
    column all the time.

    Tom and I told Donna about you, maybe…..3 years ago. You add enjoyment to our life and we love you. Your Blog continues to add light unto our world…Your influence extends way into the Mountains and Desert of Southern California.

    God Bless,

    Chet McLemore

  6. Well Chet I’m honored that someone in a foreign country reads my inklings (just kidding but sometimes California seems like worlds away.). But I LOVE the taxi story and may borrow it for my newspaper columns this weekend (names changed of course.)

    Okay, so We’re waiting to hear about the Christmas spread you’re planning. I know it will be a doozie. Maybe I’ll get some ideas and inspiration….

  7. Would you believe that yesterday, “Christmas Day”, Tom and I did not entertained, but we were entertained. We went to a Brunch at 11:30AM, then to a friends house at 2PM for cocktails, then to home for a nap from 4 to 5and then to a Great Christmas Dinner at a Friends Home of Prime Rib., etc.

    Now today is a different. We have just gotten the last of 159 people out of our home. We had an open house and served loads of food, libation and fellowship. We actually had 161 people at our home at one time and enjoyed every minute of it.

    Our entertainment is done until the next time.

    Cheers to You,

    Chester McLemore
    Thomas Gass

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