Is a tattoo in your future?


Seems today everyone I meet has a tattoo…a little too painful and costly for my taste.   I could get a tattoo for $37.50, but I could buy a new pair of earrings for the same amount, or a standing rib roast. You know which I would choose.

My friend Shirley, has a great idea which is the most practical use of the tattoo that I’ve heard lately.  We should have our foreheads tattooed with our first name.  Therefore, when we meet a friend in the store or at a party, we will know their name and not have to get all stressed out trying to remember who they are.

I am going to write my Congressman and suggest he introduce legislation requiring that we all have our names tattooed on our foreheads. Any one want to join me in this campaign?  I’m feel certain anyone over the age of 40 will agree.

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