Hot new workout program – fidgeting!

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I’m burning calories like crazy as I write this post.  Know how?  I’m madly tapping my foot and chewing gum. 

Right. It’s only 7 a.m. and I’m working out as I update this blog.  It may sound silly. But check out the numbers: Whether you’re re a leg bouncer, toe tapper,  thumb twiddler, or gum chewer, people in a study who had a habit of fidgeting burned, on average, nearly 350 extra calories per day! Hey that’s more than I burn on a 3-mile hike!

Wow.  That’s  equivalent to an extra piece of cake!

It’s true: Fidgeters are more likely to stave off weight gain from extra calories. (This might also explain why so few 6-year-olds have a weight problem!) One truly fidget-prone person in the study burned a whopping 700 extra calories per day.

You don’t have to tap your toes to get the job done. Doing just about anything besides sitting still counts — maintaining your posture, turning pages, or regularly lifting a glass of water to your lips — but the more active you are, the better. Of course, one of the best ways to increase your daily calorie use is to exercise regularly. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Hide the remote and get up to change the channel. Walk whenever you talk on the cell phone.

4 thoughts on “Hot new workout program – fidgeting!

  1. Emily,
    You lucky girl you! A wild animal coming into the house is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. Most people have to go out looking for wild game to grace the table, and they just come right into your house. I think I’ll try leaving the door cracked just a little to try to lure a tasty possum inside.

    And another thing; I’ll bet Braddock really did find the animal and just didn’t tell you. He probably took it to his car and later took it home, dispatched it, and cooked and ate it.

  2. Oh ick.ick, ick. I thought about leaving the window open in hopes he (it?) would leave, but he would most likely have invited all his friends inside to sample my tasty calcium tablets. How’s the dinasour coming?

  3. The donosaur sits across the road near the pond. It has been joined by a 6-ft blue ant, a giant damselfly, and a giant mushroom.

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