Is it fashion or Halloween costume?

My I-Village message of the day was “how to achieve that Sex in the City” fashion look for less money.

Uh-huh. The accompanying photo was designed to pique my interest. Instead, it made he laugh out loud. I could only imagine the impact I could make when I make my entrance into my next supper club wearing such a get-up! sex style

I have a huge sunflower stuck in my dining room centerpiece that would certainly make a statement worn on my shoulder.

But those shoes? Oh, pul-ese!They look like something a Roman gladiator would wear to battle the lions.

And her bag? It looks like a converted shopping bag to me – still had the tissue paper stuck inside. The dress probably began its life as a single fitted sheet – 600 thread count.

Forget Sex in the City. Let’s bring back the “Mary Tyler Moore” look! Does anyone know the presidential candidates’ positions on fashion? That’s how I’m making up my mind. The one who rants on the inadvisability of high heels gets my vote.

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