Is your home aging you?


Remember visiting your grandmother and wondering why she had so much stuff the whole room rattled when you walked across the floor?

Tea cups that were off limits to you or anyone else tinkled on the coffee table, lamp shades had ruffles and at least one still  wore the cellophane it came in.

Knick-knacks collected during a long and full life were everywhere and your head began to swim when you tried to take it all in.


I noticed today that my home is heading that way. So I took out every accessory that doesn’t have a critical function – that meant everything but the furniture.

I replaced the clutter sparingly with only those things I absolutely love. I cut  the clutter by at least 50 percent.

Everything else went into a box to be used somewhere else or taken to Goodwill.  The effect was very refreshing and I can breathe again.

Living Room: So Rosy

Here’s a great tip for my aging friends.

Choose pink light bulbs and lampshades that cast a warm glow. More flattering and soothing than white light, this lighting should be bright enough for reading, but soft enough to be relaxing.  Never ever use overhead lighting when you have a date in the house – it’ll had 15 years to your face and he’ll be able to connect the dots on your vein studded legs.

Living Room: So Rosy

The bathroom is the most functional room in the home and by far the most visually oriented, with mirrors, lighting and water defining the environment.

Clean out the bottles of lotion and potions and put everything you don’t need out of sight.

I had a truck load of old make-up that had to go.  I’ll never wear that tango orange lipstick in this lifetime so why was I saving it?

The result was a cleaner environment based on order and simplicity.

2 thoughts on “Is your home aging you?

  1. I’m coming over as soon as I get home to see this transformation! I have a favorite resturant in Atlanta that has pink bulbs in its fixtures…the food is pretty good too!

  2. I cannot believe you
    are throwing out your orange lipstick! Beth will be uopset with you.

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